世界各地の Community Based Economy は、


そのためにもまずは、以下フォームよりCommunity Based Economyに会員登録をして、WEBサイトにログインしてみてください。大切にしたいことを大切にする経済を実践する仲間たちの声やノウハウが垣間見られるでしょう。

Community Based Economy around the world always welcomes your participation inresponding to this call. If you feel that “It’s something I’ve wanted to cherish” or “Our activities are basedon similar feelings”, please deliver your “Agree!” feelings to us! By visualizing thethoughts and actions of company who have already been nurtured all over theworld on the same map, you can discover activities and shops that you cansympathize with, not only in the city your live in now bot also in the city you aregoing to visit – we would like to connect to a future in that way.

To that end, we will send information about our company in each region regularly inthe form of a newsletter from the Community Based Economy.

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  • ※ 記入された個人・団体情報は、「Community Based Economy」への賛同の結果を集計・分析(統計的に処理した情報は、ウェブサイト等で公開することもありますが、個人を識別できる情報は公開いたしません)、また「Community Based Economy」に関するお知らせをみなさんにお伝えする以外には利用しないことを、お約束致します。

    ※The entered individual/group information is aggregated and analyze as a result ofapproval for “Community Based Economy” (Statistically processed information maybe published on websites, etc., but we will not publish any information that canidentify individuals), and we promise that we will not use it except to inform youabout “Community Based Economy”.