青い地球とともに、自由でやさしく生きていくことができる経済を『Community Based Economy』と呼べることを発見しました。アンチ資本主義ではなく、サステナブルな資本主義のあり方の一つとして、そう呼びはじめてみたいと思います。

An economy that foster society for freely and gently together with our Blue Planet. We have found that it can be called as 『Community Based Economy』. We would like to call it as one of the ways of sustainable capitalism, not anti-capitalism.

背景にある想い 1
Thoughts in the background 1


What we noticed about economic anthropology in Kyoto



From April 2019, the city of Kyoto, where we are based, has implemented the “Ordinance for Promotion of Sustainable Development of Kyoto City Regional Companies”. In Kyoto, the “Kyoto City SME Future Power Conference” was launched in 2016, where young and mid-career managers from various industries can discuss future-oriented discussions. The enforcement of this ordinance was carried out in support of the “Kyoto/Regional Business Declaration” announced by business people there. The ordinance for the city of Kyoto to support the following companies by calling them “regional companies” regardless of their size. “Understanding that we are members of the local community, we will create new economic and social value through our business activities, and together with Kyoto City and Citizens of Kyoto, we will work for a prosperous and active local community for the future. We, who have been promoting industry together with Kyoto City, were able to be involved in all aspects of the implementation of this ordinance.

We realize that the reason why Kyoto was able to enforce such ordinance was the economic culture such as “There is something more important than the scale of business and profits.” Then, the economic culture created various business customs and fostered the economic circle that has the most “company that lasts more than 100 years” in the world. We feel that economy path we would like to have lies in the” Kyoto economy”, which seeks a long-term management stance and trust, dignity and independence based on the economic ecosystem.

背景にある想い 2
Thoughts in the background 2


What we noticed from encounters in cities around the world

京都市は「京都市地域企業の持続的発展の推進に関する条例」において定められた「地域企業」という言葉を、Community Based Companyと英訳しました。私たちは、その言葉とともに、香港・台湾・ホーチミン・バルセロナ・サンセバスチャン・ベルリン・ロンドン・サンフランシスコ・ニューヨーク・ウィーン・ブダペスト等、世界各都市を回り、サステナブルでオーガニックでローカルなビジネスを営む人々との対話を行いました。

Community Based Economyという言葉は、彼/彼女らとの対話の際に、私たちの暮らす京都の経済文化と私たちが望む経済の姿を伝えるためにCommunity Based Companyという言葉の延長線上に用いたものです。私たちは多くの対話のなかで、Community Based Economyという言葉が、国境や文化を超えて経済文化の質感を共有できる言葉であることを確信しました。そして、彼/彼女らが自らの言葉として自らの経済のあり方を語る言葉として用いてくれることに喜びを覚えました。

The word “regional enterprise” is defined in the” Ordinance on Promotion of Sustainable Development of Kyoto City Enterprises”. Kyoto City translated it into English as Community Based Company. Along with the words, we traveld to cities around the world such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ho Chi Minh City, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Berlin, London, San Francisco, New York, Vienna, Budapest, etc., and we had a dialogue with people who run sustainable, organic, and local businesses.

In order to convey the economic culture of Kyoto, where we live, and the economic image we want, we used the word “Community Based Economy” as on the extension of “Community Based Company”. In many dialogues, we are convinced that “Community Based Economy” is the words could share the texture of economic culture across national borders and cultures. And we are delighted that they use it as their own words to talk about the way of their economy.

背景にある想い 3
Thoughts in the background 3


What we learned and noticed from practitioners and history


地球環境や人権、働き手の創造性、地域の文化など、大切にしたいことはそれぞれです。しかし、共通していたことは経済的な価値のみを追求していないことと人々が豊かに暮らしていくための共通資本をできるかぎり増やそうとすること、そして競争ではなく共創することです。Community Based Economyは私たちがゼロから生み出した言葉でもコンセプトでもありません。各地の実践と先人たちの数々の試みが発見させてくれたものだと思っています。

We have met more than 150 companies every year, and learned from the practices, and supported their businesses. We have had many encounters with people who are not bound by their values, methods and territories, and who are beginning to move toward what they believe in. What we learned from that is we do business not only to value money but also to value more important things, and for that purpose we practice to sustain an inventive approach in our business.

Each person has different things to value, such as global environment, human rights, creativity of workers and local culture. But what they have in common is that they are not pursuing only economic value, trying to increase common capital as much as possible for people to liven in prosperity, and co-creating rather than competing. Community Based Economy is neither a word nor a concept that we have created from scratch.We think that the practices of each region and the numerous attempts of our predecessors have made us discover



Create an economic circle where organic, sustainable and local economic activities slowly exchanges values and value what each community want to cherish.

これから進めること 1
What to do 1


Verbalize and share what we discover

Community Based Economyは、世界中にいる実践者たちの活動と先人たちの数々の試みが発見させてくれたコンセプトであり、私たちが生み出したあたらしいコンセプトではありません。それをまずは言葉にして、みなさんと共有してみようと思います。コンセプトを知ってほしいというよりも、そして定義としての正しさを問うよりも、「私たちの営みはCommunity Basedだ!」とすでに実践している人々を後押しできることを願っています。

Community Based Economy is neither a word nor a concept that we have created from scratch, but the practices of each region and the numerous attempts of our predecessors have made us discover. First of all, we will put it into words and share it with you. Rather than wanting people to know the concept, or questioning for its correctness as a definition, we hope to support people who are already practicing and saying “Our business IS Community Based one!”

これから進めること 2
What to do 2


Visualize company in collaboration with various areas and companies

私たちが出会ってきただけでも、すでに多くの方々がそれぞれのやり方でCommunity Based Economyを実践なさっています。各地に訪れた際に立ち寄ることができるように、互いに興味を持って学び合えるように、まずはCommuninty Based Companiesとして賛同人と賛同団体を募り、可視化してみたいと思っています。

Many of the people we have met are already practicing Community Based Economy in their own ways. First of all, we would like to recruit supporters and support groups as Community Based Companies and visualize them so that we can stop by when we visit each other and learn from each other with interest.

これから進めること 3
What to do 3


Create media that will be open-source

各地で出会うCommunity Based Economyの実践者は共通してオープンマインドです。経済的な利益を最上位の目的とせず手段の一つとして共同体の目的を叶えようとする彼/彼女らは、競争ではなく共創を好みます。そんな彼/彼女らの実践から、他の領域や地域の営みにとっても刺激的であたらしい視座を拓くような知恵を伝えるコンテンツを作成。日英に対応したオンライン・オフラインでのメディアをつくります。

Community Based Economy practitioners who we meet in various places are commonly open-minded. They prefer co-creation over competition, and seek to fulfill the purpose of the community as one of the means, not the top goal of economic gain. From their practice, we create contents that conveys wisdom that opens up new perspectives that are exciting other areas and local activities. We create online and offline media that supports Japanese and English.

これから進めること 4
What to do 4


Create the market that grows together

多く、速く、安くを求めることなく、つくり手にとってもつかい手にとっても最適な数と速度と誠実な価格で営まれるCommunity Basedなオンライン市場をつくります。機械の求める量や速さに合わせるのではなく、私たちが求める量や速さで本当に欲しいと思うものが作り出せる関係性を重視したデザインを試みます。

We will create a Community Based online market that operates optimal number, speed and sincere price for both producers and enjoyers, without pursuing “many”, “fast” and “cheap”. Instead of matching quantity and speed required by the machine, we will try to design with an emphasis on being able to produce what we really want in the quantity and speed we desire.

これから進めること 5
What to do 5


Create an academy to learn together

各地で出会ったCommunity Based Economyの実践にはかならず学び合う姿がありました。学びは人生にとってもコミュニティとっても、オープンさと成長をもたらすものだと気づきました。そこで、各地の実践者が集い、それぞれの実践に活かすために、それぞれの知を持ち寄り、教え合い、学び合う場をつくります。実践的なノウハウを共有資産として蓄積するだけでなく、Community Based Economyのプレイヤー同士が継続的にコミュニケーションとそれぞれのコミュニティへのフィードバックを繰り返すことで、共創的な成長を促します。各地の実践者による講義やインタビュー等はすべて録画、共有資産としての映像ライブラリーをつくるとともに、オンラインを活用することで、世界各地との知の交流を進めます。また、各地の実践者のビジネスの延長線上にゼミ形式による共創的なプロジェクトを開発することで、あたらしい知の探求と現実の変化を両立していきます。

There was always a way of learning from each other in the places where we met in various places to practice Community Based Economy. We realize that learning brings openness and growth to our life and the community. Therefore, we will create place where practitioners from all over the world can gather, share their knowledge, teach each other, and learn from each other in order to utilize them in their respective practices. Not only accumulating practical know-how as a shared asset, Community Based Economy Players continuously communicate with each other and provide feedback to their respective communities to promote co-creative growth. All lectures and interviews by practitioners in each region will be recorded, a video library will be created as a shared asset, and online communication will be used to promote intellectual exchange with various regions around the world. In addition, by developing co-creative projects in the form of seminars on the extension of the business of practitioners in each region, we will balance the search for new knowledge and the change of reality.